Mid-Central Ghana Conference holds workshop for church leaders

MID-Central Ghana Conference (MICG) of the Seventh-day Adventists has held a day’s workshop for church leaders to equip them in the area of communication, public affairs and religious liberty.

Participants of the workshop held at Bantama Church in Kumasi, were drawn from various churches and districts in the MICG.

The participants were pastors, Communication, Personal Ministries Directors, and Religious Liberty/Public Affairs Leaders who were expected to renew knowledge to support church development.

Host pastor, who is the Director of Communication/Publishing/Religious Liberty/Public Affairs at the MICG, Alexander Marfoh said as the church grew, it was important for church leaders to stay in tune to modern communication technology of the world and use the tools to share the gospel.

He said there was the need for the participants to grasp the best strategies in the areas of Communication/Public Relations and Public Affairs/Religious Liberty as they sought to project the church of the Lord in their communities.

In his lecture, he implored the participants to adopt mechanisms in fighting for human rights of church members, especially, in their various work places.

The Communication, Global Mission, Chaplaincy, Cmpus Ministries, Public Affairs/Religious Liberty Director of the Northern Ghana Union Mission (NOGH), Pastor Fred Agyei-Baah took participants through communication skills aimed at improving the communication process of the church.

He also used the opportunity to advise all participants to broaden their horizons on using both social and traditional media to evangelize.

Both the President and the Executive Secretary of the MICG, Pastors Seth Kwasi Asiedu and Amponsa Acheampong took participants through total commitment of leaders to the Lord’s work.


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