Meet Adventist Woman Who Can Recite 28 Books of The Bible From Memory

Some call her “walking Bible” for her uncanny ability to recite more than one-third of Bible books from memory.

A 25-year-old woman with a photographic memory has memorized 28 books of the Bible, and she can recite them word-for-word in her local language. Her impressive feat has caught the attention of social media audience prompting praise and words of encouragement.

Ama Takyiwaa Osei, a member of a Seventh-day Adventist church at Dormaa Ahenkro in the Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana, said God gave her the talent when she started reciting Sabbath School memory verses.

She appeared on Kofi TV; a popular Ghanaian social media live streaming show. When asked what motivated her to commit to memory the numerous Bible verses, Ama said, “I am an Adventist, we have a book called Sabbath School. Every quarter we have Sabbath School lessons that we study, I was motivated to study so that I could memorize and recite during camp meetings and 13th Sabbaths. After my initial memorization and recitation, church elders encouraged me to continue.” She added, “when I married I told my husband what I was able to do and how I was commended by church elders, he (husband) also encouraged me to add memorization of Bible to the Sabbath School lessons. I told him that we should pray and if by God’s grace He adds that we will accept. I memorized one book of the Bible and recited at church, and the elders encouraged me again.”


Jonah  was the first book she memorized. Ama attributes her success to God. It is her custom to begin each recitation with a prayer. It is very impressive to see her go from a chapter by chapter, and verse by verse recitation. In one of her performances, some people who were skeptical of her ability suggested to have her blindfolded; some thought she was looking into a Bible. She knew she was not looking into any Bible, so she accepted the suggestion and had her eyes covered with a handkerchief. She did it well as usual.

Ama has been memorizing the Bible in the local Ghanaian language, Twi. Other non-Twi speakers who were impressed by her unique retentive memory asked if she could do it in English as well. According to the host and chief executive director of Kofi TV, Kofi Adomah Nwanwani, she has been able to memorize two Bible books within a short time. Information available to Ghana SDA News shows that in August this year she had mastered 14 books of the Bible, it took her one year to memorize the 14 books. Today, December 27, 2016, she has memorized 28 books, one-third of the Bible’s books, and still working on other books.

Ama is married with one son. Her level of education is senior high school, which she completed. Her husband, Samuel Donkor has been supportive of Ama’s Bible memorization and recitation ministry. Mr. Donkor has urged people to be closer to their Bible because in this end time Satan does not want people to read their Bibles. The couple has been donating Bibles to schools to encourage the youth to take Bible reading seriously.

They appealed to individuals and organizations who are willing to give them Bibles or cash so that they can continue sharing of the Bibles to schools. Those who want to support can reach them directly on their phone numbers: 0266-176868 and 0249-886868. If you are calling outside Ghana, don’t forget to begin with Ghana’s code: 233

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