Christians must lead in curbing financial burden on wedding, funeral spree

ALMOST every weekend, members of society including Christians, have to either attend a funeral or a wedding ceremony; even sometimes both at the same time.

Another social event that steals the time of members of society is naming ceremony. As custom demands, anyone who attends any of these social gatherings would have to dip into their pocket to show solidarity.

However, it is noted that as long as attendance to these events increases, the events put financial burdens on the attendees.

It is against this background that the President of the South-Central Ghana Conference (SCGC) of Seventh-day Adventists, Pastor Dr. Kwabena Annor Boafo calls on Christians to lead a way that will reduce or curb the financial burden social events bring to members of society.

Speaking in interview with GhanaSDA News after preaching his sermon during the climax of the 2017 Annual Camp Meeting of the Amakom District at Ntonso, he noted the financial burden emanating from social events in recent times affects national development.

Vicious cycle of abject poverty

He observed that many Ghanaian homes were plagued with vicious cycle of abject poverty, yet these same homes had to spend time, energy and resources for funerals and weddings all the time.

That to him would not break the cycle of poverty to improve on socioeconomic development.

“The weekly expenditure on funerals is badly affecting society, making many homes becoming up to neck in debt. The cost of food and gifts at weddings is also making weddings become a pocket-drain venture”, he noted.

SCGC President, Pastor Dr. Kwabena Annor Boafo speaking in interview

Pastor Annor Boafo said instead of investing in the education and job training of their wards, many parents and guardians are indiscriminately spending huge sums of money on weddings and funerals.

That to him was problematic because most families who were recording high expenditures on weddings and funerals were unable to offset education bills of their children and are unable to maintain happy homes.

He stated: “It has come to the extent that people have to borrow money to attend weddings and funerals and the debt these events were incurring on people indicate the need for a paradigm shift”.

Competition in wedding, funeral organisations

The SCGC President said because weddings and funerals were becoming rampant in the immediate Ghanaian neighbourhood, they were also becoming competitive by the day.

The competition again to him was frightening among  most young people who were ready for marriage and called for attitudinal change.

However, in order to assist by changing the status quo of financial burden these social events bring, he called on Christians to lead the way by organising simple and moderate weddings and funerals to save money, time and energy.

Christians leading the way, to him, would make the rest of members of society learn that good example to enhance development.

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