Central Ghana Conference elects new officers to serve for four years

THE Central Ghana Conference (CGC) of Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA) has elected its new officers to lead the conference from September 2016 to August 2020.
The quadrennial session which was held at Adventist Girls Senior High School, Ntonso in the Kwabre East District in the Ashanti Region also successfully electedted departmental directors, members of the executive committee and  trustees of the CGC.
The three who will jointly lead the entire officers comprises of the President, Pastor Yaw Asamoah Kwarteng; the Executive Secretary, Pastor Kofi Gyimah Yamoah and the Treasurer, Pastor Joseph Opoku-Acheampong.
They will work with seven departmental directors, 21 members of the executive committee and three trustees.
The six-day session was on the theme: “Reach the world” to help charge the new officers to lead the congregations to preach the gospel to the entire world.
Firmness for integrity 
A former Executive Secretary of the General Conference of the SDA, Headquarters of the worldwide church in the United States, Pastor M.A. Bediako who preached a sermon to climax the quadrennial session emphasised the need for the leaders of the CGC to ensure firmness for integrity.

He noted that to be a leader over God’s people and even people of the secular world was shrouded with a lot of temptations.

Pastor M.A. Bediako speaking to the media after the climax of the quadrennial session at Ntonso
Pastor M.A. Bediako speaking to the media after the climax of the quadrennial session at Ntonso
He said it was however, necessary for every leader of the society including pastors to remain firm even as the temptations came their way.
That to him would ensure integrity on the part of leaders, for that matter, leaders of the gospel for God’s people towards a positive direction.
“Be firm and do not be afraid to do the right thing in midst of the daunting challenges that come your ways”, he charged them.
He quoted Genesis 39:9,10, recalling that in the story of biblical Joseph, he (Joseph) encountered myriad of challenges but in all of them, he stood firm and became victorious later,  all because of self-control and firmness.
He also emphasised that as humans as they were they might have trespassed against one another and that there was the need to forgive themselves to work in harmony to the Lord’s work.
A section of the participants at the session
A section of the participants at the session
“There is the need to inculcate forgiving spirit among you even though you are pastors of the church as humans as you are you may step on the toes of the other”, he reiterated, describing the act of forgiving as “the most difficult law” in Christendom.
Education, Health development
On behalf of the entire new officers, Pastor Asamoah Kwarteng pledged that spirit of togetherness with which the new officers were going to work to promote education and health development of the church and evangelism as whole.
He said as leaders of God’s people,  they ought to lead the congregation to become partakers of the heavenly sanctuary and with sense of purpose nothing could thwart “these noble efforts” been made for the Creator.
He however, called on the various congregations within the confines of the CGC to support the new officers in their fields of work.
There were fraternal messages from sister conferences under the Northern Ghana Union Mission (NGUM) congratulating the new officers of the CGC into office.
The President of the NGUM, Pastor Dr Kwame Kwanin Boakye asked of more blessings for the new officers.

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