Adventist Youth Hold Leadership Seminar

BANTAMA, Suame and Bohyen Youth Federation of the Adventist Youth Ministries (AYM) has held a leadership seminar for youth leaders in three districts in Kumasi

According to the Federation President, Master Stephen Boakye, youth leaders who were expected to attend the workshop were drawn from the Bantama, Suame and Bohyen Districts, saying that the three districts constitute the Federation.

He was assisted by Master Guide, John Ankoma to officially open the seminar and entreated all participants to endeavor to embrace further leadership skills to upgrade themselves while in the wait for the Lord.

Let your followers be valuable to you as youth leader

An advocate of successful leadership, Mr. Richmond Obeng at the seminar said there were a number of leadership styles, but it was important to seek the direction of the Lord, quoting I Kings 3:5-7 to buttress his point.

He said it was pertinent for every want-to-be successful leader to value his or her followers because “the success of the leader mostly depend on the followers.” “There are some leadership styles but whatever style you use, let your people (followers) be valuable to you,” he stated.

He mentioned some leadership styles or qualities as transformational, charismatic, team, cross-cultural, transcultural, facilitating, visionary and strategic. He added others as honesty, delegate, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, creativity, and inspiration. Mr. Obeng stressed on servant leadership style and advised all youth leaders to be in a position to learn at all times.

Excelling in Programming

Master Guide, Papa Essel, took the participants through how to make a successful program for the youth at all levels, particularly, for Adventurers and Pathfinders.

He said youth leaders needed to be in tune with resources and goals to be able to excel in programming on the backdrop of “taking the youth to the Lord” through the triangular option, “Spiritual, Mental and Physical (Social)” development of the Adventist youth. He maintained that an effective program must tie with the organizational mission of AYM, be able to achieve strategic planning and the program planning must be conducted by a team of AYM leaders.

“Program Planning should involve internal and external officers and such will be the mark of a successful youth leader for effective programming,” he reiterated. He added that youth leaders must not worry about developing a wonderful program and eschew “Island Planning.”


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